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Amelie W. - Stripper Escort Magdeburg, Alemania

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: Amelie W. - Stripper Escort Magdeburg
Edad: 28
: 173
: 60
: 34D-23-33

Hi, my name is Amelie. I work during the day as an insurance clerk for an insurance agency in Magdeburg and in my free time I like to act as a nude model and stripper.

If you are looking for a model for your project in nude photography or a stripper, pole and lap dancer for your party, I am happy to dance for you. It does not matter whether you are an experienced photographer or a newbie. I open myself to many things and try to make something out.

If desired, I am available for joint relaxation.

Contact me:

amelie.wille.1 (at)

: 39110
Ciudad: Magdeburg
: Alemania
Fecha de registro: 30.09.2014
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